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Liberia GW: ANC says Unity Party Betray Public Trust

The Alternative National Congress of Liberia (ANC Liberia) says it is extremely troubled by allegations in the Global Witness Report that very senior government officials received bribes in connection with the negotiation of a mining concession.

In a press release issued over the weekend, the ANC, however, said the accused are certainly entitled to a presumption of innocence.

“However, if the allegations are true, they have betrayed the trust reposed in them to negotiate concession agreements that truly serve the interest of all Liberians, and should thus face the full weight of the law without fear or favor.

“We therefore welcomed the government’s decision to empanel a taskforce to probe these grave allegations. Sadly, instead of eagerly acting to clear their names, some of the accused have refused to cooperate with investigators,” the ANC said.

Accordingly, the ANC said “for the love of country, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that our government acts quickly in this matter and conducts the most credible and transparent investigation as to engender public confidence in the results.”

The ANC urged the Liberian government and, for that matter, all political parties to seriously think about how “we can reform our concession negotiating and granting processes so that they are as transparent and open as possible, thereby ensuring that all Liberians, and not just the few in high places, truly benefit from the natural resources with which Providence has so richly endowed our country.”

“As we enter the election season and going forward, the Liberian people can assuredly count on the ANC to put forth serious and thoughtful reform initiatives, for there can be no business as usual if we want to change our country for the better.”

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