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SIX QUOTES: Verbatim

1. “We did good, we did good!”
Amara Konneh, Finanace and Development Minister, in a farewell speech touting the development initiatives and accomplishments of the Sirleaf led administration, a speech in which the min said he owed no-one an apology, esp, amidst denunciations from the administration’s critics, that less was being accomplished

2. “What will Konneh’s legacy be, having come to the party when that job was already done? With all of the money that passed through his hands, why are Liberians not better off?”
Liberian Daily Observer editorial, the nation’s oldest daily,accusing Konneh of “arrogance,” further positing that former Finance minister Antoinette Sayeh did most of the heavy lifting before he came to the job, which had seen debt relief form bilateral and multilateral organizations and other miles stones before hand accomplished.

3. “We can assure…that this practice of asking private companies to shoulder the cost of these kinds of requests have being, and will continued to be, common practice.
Anthony Kesselly, Public policy advisor in the office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, admitting to soliciting about 10.300.00 for a visit to an agricultural project in Lofa County. Social media went wild that the vice president office allocated about 3million annually would be harassing companies that are employing Liberians whenever he visits.

4. “We cannot rely on even the AFL because they are no longer playing that neutrality role they’re supposed to play, we all know that the Defense Minister has openly declared his intention for the election of Vice President Joseph Boakai, and we saw him campaigning for the VP in Lofa County,”
Joint Action Committee [JAC] petitioning UNMIL not to drawn down its forces before elections next year citing mysterious and ritualistic deaths and infighting amongst the Liberian security aparatus, and that the Defence Minister of the Republic of Liberia supports the vice president, who is an incumbent. The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Liberia, Farid Zarif, received the petition in Monrovia

5. “That’s fair.”
—-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the British owned Financial Times. Sirleaf told the English reporter she was Liberia’s best president to date, and the reporter quipped that that was hardly an accomplishment when compared to her predecessors Charles Taylor, and Samuel Doe.

6. “In January, an analysis from Oxfam found that the international community had allocated more than $5 billion in 2015 to the three countries strictly for recovery efforts. Six months after the money was pledged, a total of $1.9 billion had not been delivered”
Vice News on the international damning condemnation that followed the Liberian National Red Cross misappropriation of Ebola funds, drawing complaints from the International Red Cross, its parent organization and the Liberian govt. which ordered the local Red cross offices closed, and the Board dismissed.

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