1. “I can reconcile the country in a few months. I’ve lived with the problem. I’m part of the problem.”
—-Candidate for the Liberian presidency, businessman turned politician Benoni Urey and former Charles Taylor aide in an interview with the Financial Times’ David Pilling. Urey admission is somewhat interesting, since he has always maintained he worked for the Liberian govt. and not Charles Taylor, and have always absolved himself of any wrong doing.

2.”Liberians will not be intimidated or cowed into submission when you choose to arrest individuals and/or frightens them. The recent arrest and detention of Vandalark Patricks, the invitation to Mulbah Morlu and the case of Mr. Simeon Freeman are tragic signs for a country struggling to consolidate the gains of democracy.”
—-Human rights lawyer and former Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods, in an interview with Frontpageafrica. Sentiments still boiling over from the Harry Greaves death, ritualistic killings and numerous mysterious deaths a year to national election, which latest development saw opposition politician Freeman flee the country and Patricks charged with sedition and criminal libel against the President of Liberia.

3.“You should go to Liberia where the standard of living is much lower, and then you will be thankful to be Ukrainian.”
—-Condoleezza Rice former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State during the George W. Bush administration in a speech in Kiev— “Challenges of an Ever-Changing World.” The Ukrainian media found the speech offensive and won’t cover it. Rice and first lady Laura Bush represented the United States govt. during Johnson Sirleaf first induction in 2005.

4.”They requested in the meantime to view the body of Mr. Greaves, they had discovered that he has been embalmed and that under the circumstances, they are unable to do an autopsy.”
—-Liberia’s Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh explaining in a letter to the Harry Greaves family why a second autopsy could not be performed as pathologists had already arrived in the country, even though having previously admitted the first autopsy coducted by Dr. Bennett met disapproval from Liberians at large. Greaves, the former LPRC MD and close friend of President Sirleaf turned critic died under mysterious circumstances. The Liberian National police [LNP] is yet to commence an investigation into his death.

5. “These issues of interpretation should be resolved at an appropriate time, preferably sooner than later. Mr. President Pro-Tempore, I have advised the acting executive Governor to seek the opportunity to discuss this matter with you and with your committees as you will dictate. I hope that you can agree on the way forward to enable the CBL to move forward in a timely manner to conclude arrangements for printing of currency,”
—-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a communication to the Liberian Assembly seeking authorization to print new bank notes.

6. “Before we can give that authority to the executive, I think we should first commission an audit on what may have gone wrong with our economy that is causing the executive to ask for authority to print new bank notes.”
—-Liberian President Senate Pro-Tempore, Armah Jallah responding to President Sirleaf communication of March 3, 2016.

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