Harry Greaves Funeral Tomorrow family thank public and media

After a month of public outcry pressing for investigations to ascertain the cause of the mysterious death of Mr. Harry A. Greaves Jr., former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), the family is now finally in possession of the body and has announced funeral arrangements.

In a brief press statement yesterday at the Greaves’ residence in Monrovia, the widow, Precious Greaves, said, “Today, we would like to announce that our family has received the remains of our beloved husband, son, father, brother, uncle and friend, Harry Augustus Greaves, Jr.”

Mrs. Greaves expressed gratitude to the “the many voices of the Liberian Society, especially the media, which she said have expressed concern. These voices have helped to console us during this difficult period,” she added. The media and many people in the community have been persistently calling on the government to investigate the cause of Mr. Greaves’ death.
Announcing the funeral arrangements, Mrs. Greaves said the body will be removed on Wednesday, March 9, at 4:30 p.m. from the St. Moses Funeral Home and taken to St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia, where wake-keeping will commence at 6 o’clock p.m.

The funeral will be held the following day, Thursday, March 10, beginning at 10 o’clock a.m.
Mr. Harry Greaves went missing on January 29 after entering the RLJ Hotel. His naked body was discovered two days later on January 31 on the Atlantic Beach behind the old Planning and Economic Affairs Ministry building.
Following assessment on the body by the Liberia National Police (LNP), it was taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Centre for an autopsy and investigation.

Pathologists from the Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences in the United States were brought into the country and following an autopsy on Mr. Greaves’ body they concluded he died from drowning. The public, including the media, expressed reservations about the Nebraska pathologists’ conclusion and vented the belief that there was more to the cause of Mr. Greaves’ death suggested by the marks on the forehead and bruises on the stomach as well as reported bleeding from his rectum. The autopsy report, however, indicated that features on the body were consistent with bodies that stay more than eight hours under water.

The public sharply criticized the government for not investigating the RLJ Hotel where Mr. Greaves was last seen alive. The government later deployed officers of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to the RLJ in what they termed, “a pre-emptive measure to prevent any potential attack on the entity by residents who may become disgruntled.” Prior to the family’s announcement, the Liberian government brought in pathologists from La Cote d’Ivoire to conduct a second autopsy, but they could not because they claimed the body had already been embalmed.

“The many voices of the Liberian Society, especially the media,” which she said “have expressed concerns. These voices have helped to console us during this difficult period,”

Although Harry Greaves’ body has been claimed by the family and the funeral planned, the public still holds government responsible for its failure to properly investigate the cause of his death and even the place where he was last seen alive, the RLJ tourist resort. Sendolo

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