Pres. Sirleaf snap at pressmen: Excuse me I have not come here for that!

Monrovia — Barely 48 hours after describing comments emanating from Senate Pro-Temp Armah Jallah as intolerable and incomprehensible, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday visited Capitol Hill and held talks with the leadership of the National Legislature.

Though details of the President’s discussion with the leadership on Capitol Hill are sketchy, an irritated Sirleaf snapped and waltzed out of an impromptu interview with journalists when quizzed about her recent response to the Pro Temp’s comments. “Excuse me!! I have not come here for that. If you have concerns, come to the Executive Mansion to better understand.”

Earlier, the Liberian leader told reporters that her visit was to weed out the thorny issues between the Executive and the Legislature. Sources however pointed out that the visit of the Liberian leader was to apologize on behalf of Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh.

“I came here as the head of the executive branch of government to consult with the leadership of The Senate on matters that have to do with going forward and resolving some issues that have to do with the executive and legislature that will stop us from getting along”, said President Sirleaf. Minister Konneh has only a motion for reconsideration preventing him from facing a 48 hours jail term and that motion is expected to be heard on Thursday February 25 in keeping with the Senate standing rules.

Sirleaf was visiting the capitol building to iron out differences with law makers
Sirleaf was visiting the capitol building to iron out differences with law makers

Konneh has been accused by Senators for abrogating unto himself powers to make budgetary allotments, an authority given solely to lawmakers by the constitution of the Republic of Liberia but the finance minister has maintained that he has done nothing wrong when questioned as to why he should not be held in contempt. Sources also told FPA that part of the President’s meeting was also to discuss her latest response to the senate Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah who recently raised concerns on the portion of the Accra Peace Accord that has to do with disbandment of the Army and disarmament process.

She said in her response recently that she totally reject, challenge and disagree with Pro-tempore Jallah’s assertion and claim that if the Pro-tempore honestly believes that the Government of Liberia still has issues to settle with regards to the restructuring of the Armed Forces of Liberia, it was only but proper and expedient to initiate an intra-governmental discussion on the matter rather than initiating a politically inclined statement at the detriment of the peace and security of the country. source fpa

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