Liberian govt deployed troopers at RLJ Resort

The Liberian government has never stopped bungling over the Harry Greaves tragedy. The latest fiasco by this grossly inept (clumsy, incompetent) government is to deploy a contingent of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to the RLJ Resort not less than two weeks following the Greaves tragedy.

Our reporter who visited the resort last Thursday, February 18, found eight ERU officers in the RLJ booth. An ERU source told him it was “feared that RLJ being the last place Mr. Greaves had visited, some angry mob could cause trouble and claim that somebody there could have knowledge of what happened to Mr. Greaves.” ERU’s presence, said the source, “is a proactive measure meant to circumvent any potential mob violence that could paralyze operations at the resort.”

It seems to us that the government’s security forces are two weeks too late, and we know not what Attorney General Benedict Sannoh, head of the Joint Security apparatus, is thinking at this time. Does he understand that this terribly delayed response by the government in this tragedy places the government under grave suspicion as being part of the problem?
Why does the government’s security apparatus appear at a crime scene after the fact? If GOL ever undertook a criminal investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Greaves’ death, why has this been esoteric (secret)? Where are the findings, besides all the information the media already independently gathered?

Now the government, fearful of public reaction to its own ineptitude (clumsiness, incompetence), has suddenly deployed ERU officers at the RLJ to forestall any “mob violence” that may take place there following Harry Greaves’ disappearance. Quick question: Why did the government not immediately deploy a criminal investigative team to the resort the minute government found that Greaves, who was last seen there, had gone missing, or the morning after, when they found his body on the beach behind the old Planning Ministry? This failure puts the government under grave suspicion that they knew something about the incident. What did they know? When did they know it? Why did they not, once the body was found, retrace the steps to the RLJ to find out what happened to Mr. Greaves once his driver, on Greaves’ instructions, drove him to the resort on Friday afternoon?

owned by billionaire tycoon  American  Bob Johnson, the Kendeja was the last place Greaves was seen
owned by billionaire tycoon American Bob Johnson, the Kendeja was the last place Greaves was seen

Instead, the first thing the police did after finding the body on the Foreign Ministry beach was to imprison the driver for a week. Did they ask him any questions? If they did, THAT was the point at which a criminal investigation should have begun. Next, the Liberia National Police, led by its Criminal Investigation Division (CID), should have proceeded to the RLJ Resort to investigate its staff, which was on duty from the time Greaves arrived that Friday afternoon. They were to ask when did he arrive, what did he do, where did he go, whom did he meet there, where did they meet, how long, how long was he at the resort, what did he eat or drink, when did he leave, if he ever left, how did he leave, and where did he go?

Alas! The GOL showed up nearly two weeks later, not to investigate the disappearance and probable murder of one of its prominent and most intelligent sons, but to “protect” the foreign-owned tourist resort. It was from that foreign-owned resort that Harry Greaves went missing, only to be found dead two mornings later on the beach behind a building which happens to be the work place of the President of Liberia. How did Mr. Greaves’ body get there, who brought it there, when and how?

Now we have learned of a startling new development: two American criminal investigators, on the request of the Liberian government, are due shortly to arrive to help with the investigation into Harry Greaves’ disappearance and probable murder. Why again ask the Americans, when we have our own CID right at the LNP? Is this another display of our utter dependency? Or is it another belated attempt to cover up what increasingly looks like a homicide—by whom and for what purpose, only Heaven knows. culled: www.liberianobserver

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