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This Luck A Poem

This luck

By ralph geeplay

Thought about it a sec
and said no need hence
—Yes no need to say
good bye whence.

The china preserved,
the rock was solid!

The present unwrapped,
The package given. Like a candle
it burns un-renounced, even with
snow so now, it needs

not be bagged,
to be kept.

Dear Love,

like the daffodils
freshly picked today I
hear her rich scents
screaming To these

starved nostrils—
rich colors, blinding.

Thereabout, comes the wild night,
merged in solitude, Bundled,
as the blanketed moon buttered up,
inch by inch Rising,

her revelling shadows,
startling. Her beauty rolling

Resplendent over these
quiet rugged hills of Pleebo
Our hugs united
like plaited bamboo mats laid.

The beating drums echoed
in the distance, salsa too.

Buena suerte* the old lady
wished as she went by silently
Her stern gaze measuring
the love birds seated,

curled By the roadside like cubs…
this luck how did we find it?

Over these quiet rugged hills of Pleebo

1. Buena suerte*** Spanish for good luck

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