Liberia: Scary Times

Many politicians and critics of the Unity Party led government have expressed fear for their lives amidst the disappearance and subsequent death of former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC) Harry Greaves, Jr.

The remains of Mr. Greaves, a Liberian politician and statesman were discovered on Sunday, January 31, 2016.

Mr. Greaves, according to his driver, went missing at the RLJ Hotel in Paynesville where he went for a purported meeting.

But several critics and opposition politicians who called on local radio stations on Monday expressed fear for their lives.

Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe, a senior member of the Vision for Liberia Transformation condemned the death of Mr. Greaves and demanded an immediate investigation into circumstances surrounding the disappearance and death of the former LPRC Managing Director.

Dr. Whapoe, who recently returned from the United States of America, said he was worried and threatened by the series of unexplained deaths in the country, making reference to the death of a female in police cell.

“I am threatened, especially when I have come to invest millions of dollars in this country, to see people disappearing on a daily basis; children being raped, killed and nothing coming out of it. For someone who went in a police cell healthy to die and then you say that person committed suicide in the custody of the police is questionable,” he said.

Dr. Whapoe indicated that the government needs to answer questions surrounding the death of Harry Greaves, a prominent politician, who left his home and didn’t return.

Dr. Whapoe demanded that Greaves’ death be properly investigated, and noted “this is not about someone wanting to be president or job in government; it is about life; a life has been lost due to incompetent security system. Today, it is Harry Greaves, but it might be you or Chris Massaquoi. We need a stronger security system”.

He suggested that the Senate summon Police Director Chris Massaquoi so that he can explain to the Liberian people what is obtaining in the country.

“The security of the Liberian people is at stake and we need vivid explanation from Director Massaquoi. His failure would suggest that he is incompetent and he must resign his post,” he angrily responded to a question.

He attributed Greaves’ death and other ritualistic deaths across the country to an ‘ineffective police force’ and said “the police needs to beef up its security and work, especially in the face of suspicious and ritualistic deaths in the country.” source: The News

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