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So The Verdict Is Out

So the verdict is out- Mr. Harry A. Greaves Jr died from asphyxiation, drowning in sea water, according to Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh quoting excerpts from the official autopsy report.

And to the utter disbelief of the public, particularly journalists in attendance at the Ministry of Information Press conference, Minister Sannoh trashed any reports of foul play declaring instead that abrasions, cuts and bruises observed on the body of Harry Greaves were tell tale marks of prolonged submersion in sea water and slamming against the rocks.
During his address the Minister wore a stern countenance and spoke sternly to the Press threatening to prosecute those journalists who, according to the Minister engaged in making unverified reports.

But if such posturing was meant to intimidate, it has to the contrary stoked even more controversy and has raised public suspicions of possible involvement of state hired hands in Harry’s death.

And the basis for such mix of heightened public interest, curiosity and suspicion combined appears rooted in a singular fact- troubled or murky credentials bordering on character as well as competency issues of the performing pathologist, Dr. Bennett.
Frontpage Africa carried an extensive but damning story on the Doctor in its February 9th edition and armed with the information provided in the story, journalists at the Press proceeded to put pointed questions to Information Minister Eugene Nagbe to which he found great difficulty answering.

As things stand, there are just too many and more questions than answers. These are indeed defining moments of the legacy of This Child who was born to be Great!

The late Harry Greaves
The late Harry Greaves

John Stewart

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