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Trinidad and Tobago Ready for Carnival 2016: PHOTOS

Trinidad & Tobago gets ready to welcome the world to the greatest show on earth

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad—In less than 72 hours, the two unique islands of Trinidad and Tobago will erupt into a parade of merriment as thousands of people from around the world are expected to participate in the biggest street party on Earth-Trinidad Carnival.

Officially celebrated on February 8 and 9, the Carnival festivities started just after Christmas and will continue until Ash Wednesday-loaded with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions.

Opening with J’Ouvert at 4am on Carnival Monday, revellers parade through the streets immersed in paint, grease and mud until sunrise. Later in the day on Monday and all day on Tuesday, thousands of masqueraders flood the streets throughout the islands in bold, colourful costumes, dancing through the parade routes to the exhilarating sound of soca, steelpan and calypso music.

Trinidad’s Carnival
From its diverse people and culture to its amazing biodiversity, Trinidad and Tobago breaks the mould of the typical Caribbean destination. These islands boast a year-long calendar of cultural events and festivals on both islands, friendly, multi-ethnic people and amazing opportunities for eco-adventure: everything from birding to biking to hiking to diving and cave exploring.

Here to experience the beauty of the islands, is a group of influential international journalists, participating in a Carnival Familiarization (FAM) Trip.

Organized by the Tourism Development Company Ltd. (TDC) in collaboration with overseas representatives, the press group includes Aron Huey a photo journalist for the National Geographic Magazines and Contributing Artist for Harper’s Magazine, Jennifer Hartley of Ottawa Life Magazine-Ottawa’s leading general interest and lifestyle magazine and Alain P. Arthur, co-founder and host of Caribbean Vibrations TV-a staple in the Canadian and Caribbean Community for over 10 years, airing on 3 major networks worldwide.

The FAM embraces an exciting opportunity for the journalists to experience the spectacle of Carnival as well an opportunity to sample culinary and eco adventure attractions such Maracas Beach, Fort George, Down the Islands and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

An eruption of colour, music, revelry, and ingenuity, Trinidad’s Carnival is a time for happiness and unabated fun. If you will be missing the celebrations this year, be sure to join the party on February 27 and 28, 2017. source www.southfloridanews.com


PHOTO essay: The Trinidad Carnival

The Trinidad Carnival, ladies enjoy the sun and festivities
The Trinidad Carnival, ladies enjoy the sun and festivity—www.ebonair.com

The attires are colorful during the carnival Trinidad
The attires are colorful during the Carnival Trinidad—www.sflcn.com
It's a street party during the carnival, grouping Africans across  the globe and many other foreign parts...
It’s a street party during the carnival, grouping Africans across the globe and many other foreign parts—www.yardhype.com

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