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Harry Greaves Death: Govt inability to govern the state, says CDC

MONROVIA – In the wake of the mysterious death of Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr., former managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), the opposition Congress for Democratic Change says the situation is resulting to apparent state of fear and insecurity in the country describing the prevailing events as the emergence of a mafia-style execution.

The CDC says in discussing the ramifications of these tragedies it has setup a committee that will work in ensuring that justice prevails in these matters, and there is community level prevention mechanisms put in place as much as possible by the citizenry to self-protect, especially where protection is not available from the state.

“In these circumstances, the CDC can ill-afford to keep silent. The emergence of a mafia-style execution strategy perpetrated against any one Liberian – constitutes a threat to every well-meaning Liberian – a populace the CDC speaks for. The CDC is clear that experience tells that an autopsy is not a solution by itself. An autopsy simply presents a Pathologist’s opinion on physical facts that might have led to death. It tells no one of the individuals who did the killing or the motives for the death. It might rule out a few courses of actions but does not establish an answer to all things”, the party declares.

Inability to govern

The CDC is also accusing the Government of demonstrating its inability to govern the state.

“There can be no argument that we now face a situation where this government is demonstrating its inability to govern. Governance is not just the boarding of flights to give idealistic speeches in far-flung capitals, but also the commitment to meeting the basic needs of the people you govern, which includes: equitable living, health and security. This government has failed critically in the former two and has no credit for the maintenance of the latter, which has been granted it on the platform of international goodwill, through the presence of UNMIL”, stated the CDC.

On numerous security lapses in the country, CDC mentioned recent fracas between the police and the Executive Protection Service (EPS) and a police investigation that found that some police officials are at the core of armed robbery, providing guns to robbers and tips on would-be victims. The party says the recent mysterious death of Greaves is replicating the still unexplained death of whistleblower Michael Allison, condemning what it is terming as these gruesome apparent murders.

States the CDC “Make no mistake; the most recent case of the death of Greaves is not a lone blade of grass on a desert island. It is reflective of a sequence of unexplained and macabre deaths in counties across the country. It is a sign that no Liberian anywhere in his or her own country can say that, he or she is safe, unless he or she chooses – like the government, to vacate his or her sense of purpose and industry”.

Assigning death motives

While investigation is ongoing to find out the cause of Greaves death, the CDC believes Greaves was an insider within the government with knowledge of key information which the government does not want to be revealed. “Harry Greaves was no stranger to the inner circle of the UP-led government. He knew them well and he had stories that were worth knowing by the public and worth suppressing to those implicated in the web of facts he could reveal. Greaves was a potential state witness for any future government, like that of the CDC – in trying to bring to justice to corrupt officials of this regime”, the party added.

CDC is alarming that individuals who detach their allegiance from the government are meeting the unexplained deaths. “People who have detached themselves from allegiance to the regime are meeting untimely, unexplained deaths”, the opposition political party alleges. The party says it is setting up a Citizens Survival Committee that will push to ensure that cases such as the situation with Greaves are not kept under the carpet.

The late Harry Greaves
The late Harry Greaves

“The Mighty Congress for Democratic Change is determined to ensure that the suffering masses of the country have an option for improving their lives and most important protecting it. To this end, CDC is establishing a special Citizens Survival Committee to ensure that cases like these are not swept under the carpet”, the party declares.

Liberia not secure

In her 2016 annual address, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the country is secure but the CDC says such statement by the President is unfortunate and not the reality. “It is unfortunate that Madam President in her 2016 State of the Nation Address referenced Liberia as “SECURE”. We disagree and posit that Liberia is INSECURE! As we move toward 2017, the CDC cannot overly emphasize the fact that this feeling of insecurity reigns supreme amongst the citizens of this Nation”, the CDC declares.

The party is calling on the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) to reconsider its’ drawdown timeline saying “It is important that we continue to appeal that UNMIL does not draw-down her troops as initially planned, to avoid leaving Liberia to the obvious security threat that is prevailing, and the accompanying potential chaos bubbling beneath the surface”.

Greaves died under mysterious circumstances as his body was found on a beach in Monrovia. Security agents are conducting criminal investigation and an autopsy is expected to be conducted. source FPA

Pic; CDC Secretary General Nathaniel Mcgill

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