Ellen endorses Joseph Boakai to protect her friends from being prosecuted

Staff Report

The Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has publicly given her blessing and support to her Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai, describing him as “The most experienced person” to lead the country.

Speaking recently President Sirleaf said, “I know that he is the more prepared, the most experienced, the one that will ensure continuity building upon the progress that we already have.” Observers say under Sirleaf, official corruption has gone amok, and by endorsing her vice president she ultimately wants to protect her friends, who have been indicted but not prosecuted. Under Ellen Johnson Liberian officials has abused the public trust and purse even though various audits undertaken hold them liable for breaches, her critics say, she has made little or no progress. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to power promising to make corruption public enemy number one, but has so far fail to carry out this pledge, according to her critics. Joseph Boakai could just as much hurt the country, he will have little interst to fight corruption least arrest those indicted under him and Ellen Sirleaf govt.

President Sirleaf speaking further, declared: “Let me be clear, it is more than hinting, although there are many candidates who may make good presidents, but I say I am supporting the Vice President because I know that he is the more prepared, he is the most experienced, he is the one that will ensure continuity building upon the progress that we already have; that’s my commitment.”

Vice President Boakai, has been seen sleeping at several functions and his critics have called him old, with criticisms coming from within the Unity Party itself. Representative Saywah Dunnah from Nimba County has also drawn this contrast, opting in a widely circulated op-ed that the party needed a young energetic individual, but however, the powerful Cape mount County Unity Party Chairman Sen. Varney Sherman has already said Boakai will be the eventual standard bearer.

Observers say Boakai could only be succeeding Sirleaf to protect her friends and family. “The decision has been made to have her vice president run as the incumbent, because Liberians are tired and frustrated with this woman and her government and if we went to an open convention he will not win so they are playing it safe,” says a Unity Party official not authorized to speak to the press. “We will be having no convention this year, which means the same way she has been running the country is how oldman Boakai will run our country if he succeeds her.”

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