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African Centre Edmonton Celebrates Eid With Muslims

Press Release
African Centre, Edmonton, AB

EDMONTON, ALBERTA (July 19, 2015) — The African Centre in Edmonton Alberta, joined Africans from the continent residing in the city, to celebrate the annual Muslim festivity EID, which saw performances, speeches, traditional meals and gifts on the day. Local Muslims leaders attending the program preached a message of peace and justice, which was also the Centre’s central missive, as it rallied African Muslims in the city for the second year running. Eid is a happy time for Muslims, in the Islamic religion, at which time families and the community come to together to give back and rejoice.

“This is our second year celebrating with African Muslims, and we are glad that we, as part of our programs, are having this gathering here in the city of Edmonton which is of critical importance to this Centre as we reach out to our peoples residing here,” said Mr. Tesfaye Ayalew, Executive Director of the African Centre Edmonton. “We are also looking forward to a much bigger program next year, because the African Centre belongs to all Africans, and we intend to strengthened the links between Africans in the city constructively, and this Eid, gives us that opportunity, to celebrate with our brothers and sisters especially from North Africa and other parts of the continent, that are residing within the city limits,” according to a press release from the Centre, and its Community Outreach Department.

According to Mr. John Gaye, who heads the Community Outreach Department, and also Board Chairman at the Centre, “the focal point of Eid, which comes at the end of Ramadan,” he said, “is not just celebrating, but to give.” Echoing the message of Muslim leaders, he said, “peace and justice was indeed paramount at all times in this city,” as we foster community relations, and reach out to our people residing in this great city. We must do all within our powers to see that justice and peace prevail,” said Mr. Gaye, who also doubles as Community President of the Liberian Friendship Society of Canada [LFSC], an organization which grouped Liberians together under one umbrella in the city.

There were also music, prayers and celebratory spoken words in praise of Islam and the great tradition of the Muslim faith. The Eid ceremony, in other parts of the world goes on for three days, which comes at the end of fasting during Ramadan.

Pic: John Gaye, Community Outreach, African Centre Edmonton Alberta

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