Probing Mills Jones

The Editor,

Why is the CBL Governor (Mills Jones) running for cover when lawmakers shine the light on him! (Re “Probing Mills Jones….”)

According to the Governor Jones, the Central Bank is already being audited yearly by a reputable and professional external auditors (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

But so what?

Just because the Bank is audited yearly by external auditors, does that mean that we, the people (shareholders), cannot require our internal auditors (General Auditing Commission) to audit the CBL, especially its Micro-freebie Loan program, oops, I meant to say Micro-finance!


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with doing an internal audit of the CBL, especially when you suspect your Bank Governor of using the micro-finance program to buy votes in the upcoming presidential elections! Check out, “Loans and advances to non-banking institutions” on the CBL’s financial statements from 2012 to 2014!

By the way, Governor Jones’ 2017 campaign slogan is: You Win the Jackpot When You Vote for Jones!

Look. Money is power. Today, Governor Jones has become one of Liberia’s most powerful (and popular) figures because he has arbitrary power to spend somebody else’s money on somebody else (market women, political cronies) and reap political benefits.

Look at the mass adulation he gets from the crowd when he visits the rural counties! Papa na come!

Why do you think all those rural market women want to be Mills Jones’ BFF (best friends forever)? It’s because Jones is giving away “free money!” Everybody wants to jump on the Governor’s gravy train to eat government money for nothing!

But it’s time to stop the Governor’s gravy train. Passing a bill to audit the CBL would expose Governor’s Jones political motives and give us greater transparency of the Bank’s micro-finance program.

The legislature must honor its Constitutional obligation (see article 89) by passing a bill to audit the micro-finance program. After all, he who owns the gold, makes the rules!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia

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