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No Foul Play In ‘Michael Allison’s’ Death Says Justice Min.

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

Liberia’s Attorney General, Benedict Sannoh has revealed that government’s investigations and two foreign pathologists’ reports have proven that the man believed to be Michael Allison, 48, died as a result of natural drowning on February 12 in Sinkor. Addressing the regular press briefing held at the Information Ministry yesterday, Justice Minister Sannoh described the second pathologist’s report as government’s final report on the death of Allison said the Liberia National Police uncovered no evidence of foul play or linking the cause of death to any other person.

He said nobody was implicated or contributed to the death of Allison therefore there will be no charges levied against anyone because government believes that the two forensic pathologists, one whose services was contracted by the LNP name Dr, Simeon OwizzKoroma and the other contracted by the Solicitor General named Dr, Carl Wigren were eminently qualified in their field of forensic pathology and reported that the cause of death was as a result of natural, salt water drowning which is consistent with accident.

Justice Minister Sannoh said government will not underwrite the cost of any further autopsy and is encouraging family members to come forward for a DNA and with proper identity to claim the corpse for burial.

The Attorney General said investigation showed that there is no record to establish when ‘Allison’ was added to the deceased’ name even though he was widely identified as ‘Michael Allison.’ On the identity of the body that was found on the Beach, Minister Sannoh said since the incident, they have read about a series of newspaper articles which can be best described as “irresponsible journalism pregnant with lies, innuendoes and false accusations.”

He explained, “Based on our investigations, the body that was found on the beach is that of Mr. Maurice Denzel Bryce, Jr, born in Bahamas on December 8, 1967. On November 16, 2005, Mr. Bryce was issued a United States Passport in which he is named as Mr. Nkrumah Moziah Nadir Mulmi. His US Passport issued on 16 November 2005 indicates that he was born on 18 December 1967 in the Bahamas.”

“We also have copy of a Passport issued to him by Bahamas dated September 13, 2005 which carries him as Nkrumah Moziah Nadir Mulmi, said to be born on December 8, 1967 in Grand Bahama , Bahamas. Mr. Mulmi also held two Liberian Passports. One was issued to him on July 7, 2006, which listed his place of birth as New York, USA. This passport was valid up to July 6, 2011. Upon the expiration of this passport, he was issued a second passport on February 1, 2012 valid up to January 31, 2017.”

“This passport listed his place of birth as Harper. It is this passport that carried him as Nkrumah MoziahMulmi-Allison, which was based on a birth certificate issued by the Ministry of Health which lists the name of Gle D. Allison (Spelled as Gle, as opposed to “Gray D Allison”) as his father. We have seen no evidence as to how he came to be referred to as Michael Allison.”

“There no record showing a change of name through the Circuit Court as required under our laws. One additional confirmation is that comparison of the finger prints of the deceased and that taken when the US Passport was issued to him show a perfect match.”

“Accordingly, we confirm that the body which was found on South Beach on February 12, 2015, which was identified by all who knew him as Michael Allison, was in fact that of Mr. Nkrumah Mosiah Nadir Mulmi, formerly Maurice Denzel Bryce, a citizen of Bahamas and of the United States of America. While he represented himself as Michael Allison in Liberia, and there is no evidence that this was his legal name.

The Justice Minister said government needs more scrutiny with respect to the manner in which our institutions discharge their statutory duties and responsibilities in the issuance of identity documents. The Michael Allison case is an indictment against the Passport Division, the Bureau of vital statistics, and the Liberian National Bar by admitting him into Bar and secondly be careful as a people not to jump to conclusions, and engage in conduct that has the propensity to embarrass the Government.

He said the fact that the deceased was an alleged whistle blower in a case under investigation by the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission (LACC), is immaterial to the establishment of the cause of his death and that should serve as lessons to be learnt.

He said in his view the reports and investigation should bring the Allison matter to rest because the cause of death is scientific and not based on speculations and that no one should engage in acts to embarrass the government following the discharge of its statutory responsibility adding, “May his soul rest in peace.”

On February 12, it was reported that the late Allison along with his fiancée walked to a beach, south of Sinkor and he decided walking into the sea for a bath. Minutes after, his fiancée observed that he was drowning and yelled for help at which time a Brazilian national who lives nearby went to his rescue with a life boat and brought him on shore.

Government had earlier said the was no laceration or cuts on the body but the deceased was foaming from his mouth and nose at about 7:45 p.m. when the police and others went to get a glimpse of the lifeless body which was 47 feet from the water edge lying on the beach in a swimming suit where it was left over night. The next day, it was observed that some body parts were missing which pathologists believed were bitten off by sea animals when brought on shore by the sea waves.

Meanwhile, government has sounded that the report or observation should in no way serve as a means of intimidating any family member or to prevent anybody from coming forward to claim the corpse and announced that it has concluded its portion with respect for the deceased.

On February 17, the family through its secretary, Daniel H. Allison, announced the notification of Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods to render them legal assistance as they seek expeditious justice relative to the mysterious death of their son; a notice Atty Woods has confirmed.

The family identified the late Michael as one of the sons of Gray D. Allison, former Defense Minister of Liberia in the Samuel Kanyon Doe’s regime and admitted that he was born in Liberia and taken to Sierra Leone by his mother; he got his secondary education in Sierra Leone and went to London where he earned his college education and legal studies.

It was also reported that the late Michael returned to Liberia upon the call of President Sirleaf when she called on Liberian professionals in the Diaspora to come home and contribute to the rebuilding of their land. With a degree in Petroleum law, he was hired by the National Legislature and became a consultant to the New Petroleum Law.

The Allison family said Michael was dedicated to the strict disciplines of the Allison family and had refused to take money that he did not earn as he raised alarm that blew out corrupt practices in the public adding, “The death of our son remains a mystery to everyone; we vow not to rest till the true cause of his death is found.”

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