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Liberia’s Senator elect George Weah have no legislative agenda

George Weah Have No Political Platform Reports Say…

Liberian Listener Staff Report

Reports say leading Liberian Senator elect George Weah is yet to tell his constituents what he intends to accomplish when he gets to his new senate office on Capitol Hill in Monrovia. While campaigning for a senatorial seat George Weah made no policy speeches, nor said where he stood on vexing issues that currently beset the Ebola stricken Western African country.

George Weah put no political platform forward, and his constituents are really not sure, what the former presidential candidate hope to achieve when he goes to the Liberian senate as one of the most powerful men in the country.

The former world footballer was elected this week when the Liberian National Election Commission [NEC] announced final results in Sinkor, Liberia. He won the Montserrado County seat that includes the capital, Monrovia, with 78% of the vote the NEC said on Saturday.

Weah’s vote came primarily according to reports from improvised Liberian youths and a restless population that have not seen their lives change since the Liberian civil war ended, and a corruption rampant regime under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government. The youths that look to Weah for hope live in densely populated slums around the capital, lacking such basic needs such a a running water and electricity, while most are barely literate.

They see his rag to riches story as an appealing narration and one of hope. But no one is sure what Weah hopes to achieved or which legislative agenda he intends to push in their behalf once he gets to the senate. “Liberia is beset by a lot of problems, health, education, national reconciliation, infrastructure development, and accordingly—engaging the executive,” so that progress is made across the board, said a media editor in Monrovia. “But he has said nothing and it is fustrating,” he told the Liberian Listener.

George weah is also the leader of the opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change. He lost the 2005 presidential election to Sirleaf and was unsuccessful again in 2011 when he ran second to Winston Tubman as a vice-presidential candidate. He is expected to stand again in 2017. He won the Fifa’s world player, and African footballer of the year award in 1995.

Liberia’s efforts to recover from a long civil war has been hampered lately by Ebola epidemic that has killed nearly 4000 people and about 7,500 people in West Africa. But corruption according to local residents remains a fixture and has been wide spread. Under Johnson Sirleaf. Those who pocket government monies and resources have not been persecuted according to critics. “It would have been good if he had taken a stand on something, then go to the senate and try to see if he could get the backing of his colleagues and push that agenda so the people know he can lead on the issues,’ said James Gayflor.

“While there is enthusiasm amongst supporters that he won a vital senate seat, yet when you asked them what they expected from him now that he was elected, they seem dumfounded and cannot cite one single electoral agenda or promise that he made while campaigning for office,” Gayflor concluded.

Meanwhile, “Results from all 4,701 polling places in the country have already been counted and tallied. The recorded voter turnout for the election is 479,936, which represents 25.2%of the total number of registered voters,” the election commission chairman, Jerome Korkoya, said told reporters in Monrovia.

The Liberian Media has not helped the matter much according to observers, because the issue of Weah and what he intends to accomplish as an elected public servant has not been raised and debated. However, according to sources, George has been shielded by his partisans, because he doesn’t know the issues and lacks the dexterity to speak extemporaneously. During presidential campaign he have participated in as a candidate, he often escapes debates, and also did the same during the recent senatorial campaign reports say.

Former warlord Prince Johnson, and ex-President Charles Taylor’s wife Jewel Howard Taylor, are the only returning senators that won re-election.

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