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President Declares December 9 Anti Corruption Day in Liberia

The Editor,

Since the President has declared December 9, 2014 as International Anti-corruption Day, I’d like to give a salute to all those who have embezzle government funds and are yet to be persecuted in the Liberian government,! I am therefore sending a Happy Anti-Corruption Day Card to:

1) Edwin Snowe’s small brother (James Davies) and the Ebola vendors who inflate their invoice prices so they can kickback 20 percent to the government official (s) who awarded them the contract! By the way, December 9 is Rep. Edwin Snowe’s birthday! (Re “What happen to Ebola Money”)

2) Rep. Edward Forh, who was caught on tape saying “The money (US$400,000) in question must be divided among us; you eat some, I eat some’!….But when Forh was confronted, he said he was just joking!…In 2009, this same Rep was accused of receiving lobby fees from Harry Greaves, former Managing Director of LPRC (Re “Rep. Forh Reacts to Recording Scandal”)

3) Ellen Crookrum and her boyfriend (Melvin Johnson). Crookrum and her boyfriend set up fake companies to steal US$500,000 from the Liberian people.. (Re “Next Chaper in RIA-Corkum Saga…)

4) Ophelia Hoff Saytumah, former Mayor of Monrovia, who never got her hands dirty!, but took thousand and thousands of dollars from the Monrovia City Corporation by setting up fake companies to funnel the Liberian people money into her personal account. Ophelia became a consultant to RIA! (Re “MCC Jackpot Scam Busted”, New Democrat)

5) Commissioners of Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), who, instead of renovating a state-owned property, signed a US$1.5 million dollar lease with a Chinese landlord because the landlord agreed to jack up the lease price by US$300,000, and to return it as cold water (kickback) to LTA commissioners. (Re “Liberia Spending Millions on Rental, State Building in Ruins”)

6) Commissioners of Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) who, rather than renovate stae-owned properties, went on a spending spree, choosing to spend US$600,000 of your tax dollars to rent lavish offices, with flat screed tv and a hair salon for Elfreda Tamba (Re “Liberia Spending Millions on Rental, State Building in Ruins”)

7) The embezzlers who stole EU money (US$13 million), earmarked for the children at Jackson F Doe Hospital. The Minister of Finance says that the government is still looking for the money. They’ve even checked all of Stephen Yekeson;s bank accounts, but they still can’t find it!! (Re “Liar, liar: Liberian Minister Under Fire After Hospital Denies Receiving EU Money!)

8) The Liberian government officials with lots of Lebanese “cousins” !!! Look. Anytime you see a Lebanese vendor giving lavish gifts or brown envelopes to government official, you know there’s something fishy going on! (Re “Chief Justice Arrest Lebanese for Whiskey , other Gifts”, Daily Observer Online)

9) Senator Clarice Jah, who couldn’t account for more than 229 gallons of gas for 29 senators. But coincidentally Jah opened a gas station in Margibi County! (Re “Clarice Jah Gets Second Suspension”, Daily Observer Online)

10) Grace Kpaan, Monsterrado County Superintendent, was caught stealing, oops, I mean, “safe-keeping” the Liberian people’s money in her personal bank account! After Grace was caught red-handed, she acted remorseful. But we all know that’s how government officials act when they get caught. They are sorry that they got caught! (Re “Ignorant of the law: Monsterrado County Superintendent Admit Guilt in funds Gaga”)

I wish all of you a joyous International Anti-Corruption day, and I hope these officials were all behind bars!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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