Liberia: Senator Sando Johnson Wants Contempt Charges Drop

By P. Oxford Brown

MONROVIA— Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson has asked the Liberian Senate to drop contempt charges against Health Minister Walter Gwenigale.

He made the request recently in an interview with Journalists shortly after the reading of a medical report and a second letter of excuse from the Minister. The Senate on October 16 cited Gwenigale to show cause why he should not be held in contempt for accusing the body of “being supportive of the health workers strike action,” in the wake of the Ebola crisis.

But Gwenigale wrote back on October 21 requesting a rescheduling of his appearance due to “hypertension and mild headache.” Senator Johnson said, insisting on the health minister’s appearance before the senate may hamper the working relationship among the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government. He did not elaborate how.

Johnson said judging by the minister’s medical report which puts his blood pressure at 197/90, it would be “very risky for us to even cite him again as this suggests that he needs to avoid stressful situations and continue his medication.”

It can be recalled that Minister Gwenigale was ask to resign by the House of Representatives based on what the House said was his arrogance not to reinstate the two union leaders of health workers.

Minister Gwenigale has since refused on grounds that the matter is beyond him, and his boss President Sirleaf told him not to reinstate the two union leaders, because of administrative reasons.

Walter Gwenigale

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