You Called These Goons Protesters?

The Editor,

Wait a minute..You call these Nimba County goons… “protesters”? They smashed windows! They burned company cars!  They set bridges on fire! They vandalized company containers! They ransacked company offices!  But yet you refer to them as “protesters”??  R E A L L Y!?  (Re “DON’T BLAME MITTAL PROTESTERS FOR DEMANDING ‘JUST BENEFITS”)

“Protesters demanding just benefits”, my butt!

Look. Anyone who reads my letters to Frontpageafrica know that I protest against all sorts of things, like.. (a) stealing county development funds (Rep. Edward Fraud); (b) stealing government money  (Ellen Crookrum) (c) monkey laundering, oops, I mean money laundering (George Solo), (d) printing fake money for market women (Dr. J. Mill Jones),  and kick-starting anarchy in Nimba County and Liberia (Nimba County goons)!

As you can see, I do protest a lot— but here’s the difference between Nimba County goons and Martin Scott: I don’t ransack offices. I don’t burn company cars. Neither do I support mob rule in Nimba County!

If you people in the media and your so-called journalists can’t distinguish between protesting and rioting (disturbing the peace), OR between democracy and mob rule, then you have wasted your money (or other people’s money) on your night school education!

These Nimba County goons are NOT protesters!  They are rioters and hoodlums!!!


Martin Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia

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