President Sirleaf Suspends Entire LIBTELCO Board

      Mr.  Editor, Everyone is familiar with the saying: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”(Hmmm..I smell smoke)!  Basically, that’s what the President is dealing with here, regarding the suspension of the entire LIBTELCO board of directors, for receiving Christmas gifts in white envelopes, oops, I mean for “failure to adhere to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act in concluding a contract with Ketter Telecom (European Company). By the way, the President already know that Europeans investors like to put “gifts” in white envelopes for government officials!..(Re “British Investor Offers…

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Liberia’s Media Still Threatened by Unjust Laws!

By K. Abdullai  Kamara   When the veteran Stanton Peabody and his colleagues organized the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) back in 1964, their challenge then was to ensure that journalists were not jailed for reporting and discussing events of the day. We agree with them, that is why we have maintained this organization across these years. And of course, the challenges of those years have simply gotten worse. Laws that criminalized discussing government are still threatening today, as they were then. Contempt charges by the courts and the legislature…

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