EU Expect Proper Management of Taxpayer Money

Mr. Editor, Re “EU (European Union) Expect Proper Management of (their)Taxpayers Money”…really? Ha ha ha!? Hey EU! If you put a fox  in charge of guarding the chicken coop, would you expect it to safe guard your chickens? Hell no! That fox will eat ALL your damn chickens…! So why would you give your taxpayers’ money to thieves in Liberian government), and expect them to do anything other than steal it??? Most of these people (government officials) are born rogues! But yet you keep giving them your taxpayers’ money…Why, EU? Have…

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Liberia’s Electricity Makes progress

By: Hassan Kiawu For several years after the end of the civil war, the Liberia Electricity Corporation, LEC had operated on low voltage as it struggled to resuscitate damaged facilities in a desperate attempt to illuminate a country darkened by 14 years of carnage and destruction. Nonetheless, the provision of electricity to many parts of Monrovia and the country, and the government’s ambitious plans to expand this basic social service to all and sundry has given all indications that LEC is getting higher on shocks. In the aftermath of the…

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President Sirleaf Suspends Entire LIBTELCO Board

      Mr.  Editor, Everyone is familiar with the saying: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”(Hmmm..I smell smoke)!  Basically, that’s what the President is dealing with here, regarding the suspension of the entire LIBTELCO board of directors, for receiving Christmas gifts in white envelopes, oops, I mean for “failure to adhere to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act in concluding a contract with Ketter Telecom (European Company). By the way, the President already know that Europeans investors like to put “gifts” in white envelopes for government officials!..(Re “British Investor Offers…

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Liberia’s Media Still Threatened by Unjust Laws!

By K. Abdullai  Kamara   When the veteran Stanton Peabody and his colleagues organized the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) back in 1964, their challenge then was to ensure that journalists were not jailed for reporting and discussing events of the day. We agree with them, that is why we have maintained this organization across these years. And of course, the challenges of those years have simply gotten worse. Laws that criminalized discussing government are still threatening today, as they were then. Contempt charges by the courts and the legislature…

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Test Rep. Acarus Gray First

Mr. Editor, If you make random drug testing on public servants mandatory, Rep. Gray will fail that test!.. (Re “Test Gray First” Daily Observer Online) Look, when Rep. Gray gets high, he does all kinds of crazy things! 1) Have you forgotten how Gray and his goons threw stones at the police; threw stones at 3 year old children in J.J. Roberts School; and blocked productive citizens from work during their (CDC) so called “peace march” on March 25, 2011? 2) Have you forgotten how Gray dressed up in a…

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Liberia’s Central Bank Chief Speaks on Economy

By Calvin Brooks MONROVIA (LINA) – The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Dr. J. Mills Jones, has cautioned that any attempt to restrict the dual currency regime currently in place will worsen inflation in Liberia. Governor Jones made the statement Friday night at a dinner to climax a week celebration organized by the Liberia Bankers Association at the Monrovia City Hall. Jones observed that countries which have minted their own currencies are faced with serious inflation problems as a result of the unfavorable exchange rate of…

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Appreciation: Jlator Nah Gewleh – (April 14, 1958 – December 12, 2013)

      By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh My heart is bleeding with sorrow and my spirit is wandering endlessly as I write these lines. The fact that my good friend and dear brother, Jlator Nah Gewleh is dead is beyond description, and beyond my imagination. See, Jlator was a good friend. I used the word “good” in the sense of a precious jewel you want to hold on to forever, since it is difficult to find one. So when you find that precious jewel, you want to hold on to it.…

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The Challenge of Fixing Our Education System

Mr. Editor, You make me laugh when you challenge the Minister of education  (Etmonia David Tarpeh) to fix our broken educational system, especially when we all know that nothing has changed since Madame Tarpeh took over…Seriously, don’t you think you’re beating a dead horse?? I do.. (Re” The Challenge of Fixing Our Education System” Daily Observer Online) Long before Etmonia David Tarpeh took over the Ministry of Education (MOE), it already had a poor track record for K-12 education, but as the Congo man say, “Since Pneumonia, oops, I mean…

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Liberia secures US$1.33 billion for agriculture, and infrastruture

By Jay Nagbe Sloh Monrovia,  (LINA) – The Government of Liberia has identified eight priority infrastructure development projects for immediate implementation. The projects cover energy, agriculture, roads and bridges. They will cost a total of 2.4 billion United States Dollars. The eight projects are grouped into three categories. Category one will cost 1.33 billion U.S. Dollars, and will be financed by Liberia, Japan, and the World Bank, according to reports, the Liberian Government has already concluded studies about these projects and secured funding for projects under category one. The Liberia…

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Ralph Cherbo Geeplay: "I was born in Pleebo, Southeastern Liberia, West Africa. I published my first set of poems in 2009 in the Liberian Sea Breeze Journal, edited by Stephanie Horton. A Pan African poet, I write about Africa, the Liberian civil war, my Grebo heritage, and everything in between. I recently published my poetry in the Blue Lake Review, and the Adelaide Literary Magazine for which I was THE FINALIST OF THE ADELAIDE LITERARY AWARD FOR POETRY 2018. I am the editor of an online journal, The Liberian Listener, and live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, with my family." Tributes 

Farewell to Ellen

Farewell to Ellen It rains so much in Monrovia that a day is like the bloated dough on a grey earthly May, washing over October. My love, the sun, hides in her bright den refusing to be seen. Life comes to a slow twiggy motion; the forest is breathing with moisture, like a hut puffing smoke as a pipe. While the creeks bridged their ledges, there is a seismic run-down Waterside! Enough, no more, the sewage can take! She is in my arms, listening to the music pounding the roof.…

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