Liberian President Fire Tough Corruption Campaigner?

Staff Report

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sacked Cllr. Frances Johnson Morris Allison, Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) chair, news reports has said.

A former Liberian Chief Justice and Justice Minister, Johnson Allison, has been consistent in book marking Liberian government officials who have misrepresented facts on their asset declaration forms. She have also petition the Liberian government to give her commission prosecutorial powers, since according to sources, Liberian Justice Ministry armed with persecuting corruption related charges within the public sector has been  lame duck, with many government officials in the Sirleaf administration left off the hook, even though the Liberia’s Auditing and Anti Corruption Commissions have raised concerns about their activities.

Sirleaf declared corruption public enemy one when she assumed power in 2005, but Liberia was ranked the most corruption country in the world this year by Transparency International seven years within her presidency, because according to observers her administration has done little to tackle the issue. The police, judiciary and the legislature are all considered corrupt by locals according to poll conducted by the international corruption watch dog, with credible reports backing up their concerns.

The Liberian President has appointed Cllr. James Verdier as Chairman of the LACC replacing Ms. Frances Johnson-Allison, whose tenure ended on September 16, 2013. Sirleaf had the option of “reappointing a very strong corruption campaigner and a very experienced public servant,”an observer said. Verdier is not a well known Liberian advocate and his resume thin on the issues according to reports.

No reasons has be given for the removal of Madam Morris Allison who, until recently published several corruption related charges publicly against current and former public officials including National Port Authority  [NPA] Managing Director Matilda Parker, and the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation [LPRC] Managing Director T. Nelson Williams  for failure to properly declared and verified their assets. Both officials are said to be close confidants of President Sirleaf. Up to press time it wasn’t clear if the president intended moving Morris Allison to another position within the government.

Morris Allison, it can be recalled also released a commanding statement recently which accused a number of Liberian Government officials for amassing unexplained wealth.

“If president Sirleaf is serious about fighting corruption, she should have maintained Cllr. Allison Morris, because she was really on the side of the people. Even if she said she didn’t want the job no more, the president should have convinced her to stay in that position. She was one of the shining examples of an excellent public servant in the government, said an employee of LACC, speaking on condition of anonymity, because she wasn’t authorized to speak to the press. Johnson Allison is yet to release a statement since she was replaced.

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