“Flashy Cars Amid Abject Poverty: LTA Ignores Excessive Waste, in Rants at FPA”


Angelique E. Weeks
Angelique E. Weeks LTA


Mr. Editor,

When will LTA Commissioners stop their shameful tradition of thievery and misusing our country’s meager resources??  Didn’t ex-Chairman Bropleh and his gang steal enough money from the Liberian people?? (Re “Flashy Cars Amid Abject Poverty: LTA Ignores Excessive Waste, in Rants at FPA”)

I hope when you see these looters (Commissioners Weeks, Waritay, Kamara, Benson and Yuan) driving their government owned DREAM cars, you will show them your middle finger or say something to let them know how sorry they are!!! (Hint: Yell a four letter word at Harry Yuan!)

But more important, you should call on your senators to stop accepting “cold water”  from the Executive Branch! because the executive branch is infested with rats, crooks and cockroaches especially at the Liberian Telecommunication Authority! (LTA))

Instead accepting “cold water” and “lobbing fees” to look the other way, senators MUST immediately conduct oversight hearings to review and evaluate the activities of these LTA looters”!! That’s why YOU elected them!

Remember that Senators Findley, Wotorson, Nyenabo, Banney, Nyenpan, Massalay, Lansanah,Cherue, Jewel Howard, Musu Freeman, Clarice Jah, etc will come begging YOU in 2014 to re-elect them…

But if these senators continue to ignore their Constitutional duty to hold these LTA looters accountable, you should throw ALL their asses out in 2014!!

I’m Martin Scott, and I approve this message!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia


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