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A look at the Samsung Apple competition




By: Allison Morris

For many years now, it seemed nearly impossible that another company could derail Apple’s dominance in the realm of smartphones. However, Samsung appears to have become a fierce competitor for the industry giant. In fact, an infographic titled “Could Samsung Take Down Apple?” posted recently by provides some interesting facts and figures about this heated battle.

In 2012, Samsung actually boasted larger revenues, totaling $183.5 billion compared to Apple at $156.5 billion. Samsung also commanded much higher research and advertising budgets. Last year, Apple spent $3.4 billion in research and development compare to Samsung’s $10.5 billion. Still, Apple came out on top when considering profits, earning 43 cents for every dollar spent on a smartphone. This figure was 36 cents for Samsung. Nokia earned 7 cents per dollar, and all other phones made an average of 14 cents per dollar spent.

In terms of phones sold, Samsung was the winner. According to third quarter statistics from 2012, Samsung commanded 21.8% of the market share with 66.1 million phones sold, compared to just 45.8 million phones for Apple. In addition, the demand for shipments of Samsung phones is increasing at a much faster rate. For example, from 2011 to 2012 Samsung saw 97.5% growth in the number of shipments, whereas, Apple only saw 38.3%.

But perhaps the most significant statistic is brand loyalty. In 2012, Apple ranked number one for smartphone brand loyalty. In 2012, Samsung took over this title, pushing Apple into second place. So while it is clear the iPhone still holds a very strong position in the marketplace, Samsung is certainly putting up a fierce fight. A fight they are winning with more and more consumers. For more information, check out the infographic for yourself:

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