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No Sympathy for Ellen Corkrum





By: Martin Scott

Every time I see a picture of that woman (Ellen Crookrum), on your website, with her face caked in make-up to alter her looks, I have to wonder what else she’s hiding! (Re…Next Chapter In RIA-Corkum Saga: Recouping Lost Funds”)

Hey Ellen Crookrum!! You can hide your craw-craw skin and your wrinkles, but you can’t hide your bogus companies, right ???

You damn rogue!

After setting up bogus companies to steal more that US$500,000, Crookrum had the gall to call a press conference (without taking any questions from the press) to thank women organizations for being “sympathetic to the plight of a strong woman leader (Crookrim) leader in Liberia”…. ..”Strong woman”, my

Look, if Crookrum thinks she’s a “strong woman leader”, how come she isn’t “strong” enough to resist the temptation of stealing other people’s hard earned money??

Oh wait, I forgot: When Crookrum got in bed with Immoral Melvin Johnson, she lost all her moral bearings!!
Crookrum is the biggest crook in the Sirleaf Administration, but she probably won’t get arrested or serve a day in jail (without her makeup on) because of our government incompetence!

By the way, I know Crookrum’s boyfriend (Melvin Immoral Johnson) from Atlanta, Georgia.. Melvin don’t always drink, but when does, he (Melvin) always wakes up naked next to an ugly woman the next morning (without her makeup on!)! That’s how he (Melvin) ended up with Ellen Crookrum in Smell No Taste (Robertsfield)!!!

Martin Scott,


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