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CDC Koijee’s Apology Letter

In the spirit of genuine reconciliation and the forward march or our party, I humbly call on the Executive Committee to see wisdom and reconsider its decision [to suspend me].

Mr. George G. Solo
National Chairman
Congress for Democratic Change
Congo Town, Tubman Blvd
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I am pleased to present to the Executive Committee of our noble party- The CDC, our Standard Bearer Amb. George M Weah, and its entire membership my sincere gratitude, respect and best regards as we all endeavor throughout the New Year to make the mighty Congress for Democratic Change a party of all Liberians.

Mr. Chairman, a great mind once stated and I quote, reconciliation should be accompanied by justice, otherwise it will not last. ”While we all hope for peace it shouldn’t be peace at any cost but peace based on principle, on justice.” -Corazon Aquino –

I have presented myself to the Grievance and Ethics Committee to allow justice, transparency and democracy to take their course. Their work has been completed and their verdict announced. It has given all of us a number of tasks to perform and I am under obligation to perform my part. As you are aware, I have been a loyal member of this noble party since 2005 and hope to be a member till our people are emancipated and free from abject poverty.

Mr. Chairman and members of the Executive committee, in the spirit of peace, togetherness, stability, reconciliation, Institutional values, and in the name of our fallen martyrs and compatriot who have sacrificed their lives and to keep the touch burning in the interest of our country, party and its people: please allow me to seize this moment and opportunity to officially and publicly extend to the Executive Committee, the Standard Bearer Amb. George M Weah and the entire membership my sincere apology for the lack of due consultation before my statement at the 2030 Vision program.

I take full responsibility as a person and deeply regret any embarrassment caused our party, the Executive Committee and its leaders. As a national youth and student leader turned politician, I will appreciate were we to fight together as family in the struggle of emancipating our people from the dungeon of economic captivity. There can be no question that I still remain convinced that Madam Sirleaf remains a grandmother who is un-trusted by our generation and by extension the Liberian people always.

In the spirit of genuine reconciliation and the forward march or our party, I humbly call on the Executive Committee to see wisdom and reconsider its decision.

Long live our people as we all remain immutable in ensuring that the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change brings the change our suffering people are yearning for. Again, I wish the entire membership peace, unity, stability and total reconciliation.

I thank you all and may God continue to guide CDC and bless the works of our hands as we strive to attain electoral victory of the highest magnitude in 2017.

Sincerely yours,
Jefferson T. Koijee, Partisan

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