And finally, we stand with all journalists who stand with the working people and oppressed of the world. We suffer with these journalists whose reportage are driven by the sensibilities of solidarity and their cause of suffering humanity. Without beating around the bush, journalists have a social responsibility not just to report the truth, but to stand with working people and the marginalised sectors of society. Op-ed 

African journalists decries media repression, absolute impunity on the continent

    The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), the Pan African organisation of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on African governments to create a safe and enabling environment for journalists and media workers so that they can do their work freely and without fear of reprisals. “On behalf of the collective leadership of FAJ, I wish to seize this opportunity as we celebrate World Press Freedom Day to salute and pay my respect to the brave and committed journalists of Africa who are making boundless sacrifices in…

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What's the story of Moses Kollie Garzeawu who was also manhandled, in violation of his constitutional rights? Many others have been brutalized by state securities and nothing has been done by the Press Union of Liberia, the umbrella organization that is supposed to seek journalists' interests in Liberia. How many more must be dehumanized and denied their rights, How can we tackle this madness? The most regretful part is when the Center for the Protection of Journalists or the CPU are crying for Liberian journalist in its advocacy that Liberian journalists need their rights protected, while the mother of the organization the Press Union of Liberia, cares less. He reportedly died of 'hypertension'- (Pressure), as stated by the Union on behalf of the family, The medical practitioners don't have to tell us that the brutality against Zenu also contributed to the 'hypertension' death. Op-ed 

Mosonda’s Press Statement on World Press Freedom day

  Press Release   The World Press Freedom Day comes at the time when approximately a third of the population of the world is in lockdown, economies have grounded to a halt, while the global community is fixated on defeating the viral pandemic—coronavirus, the cause of the disease COVID-19. At this historical conjuncture, doctors, nurses, cleaners, care workers, drivers, and elements of the working class in essential areas of production ensure that the wheels of society continue to turn while the assault against the virus continues full throttle. Journalists, too…

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