We gather here today to call upon the United Nations Security Council to come up with a resolution establishing a war and economic crimes court to appease the victims of war crimes. The wasting of over 250,000 lives out of savagery by heartless men and women should not go in vain. Let this part of the world taste international justice for the dead to rest in peace. Therefore, we demand the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia as it was done in the case of the sister Republic of Sierra Leone. News 

War Crimes Court Advocates Arrested Then Released By Police

  Emmanuel Savice, a campaigner for the establishment of a war crimes tribunal in Liberia, on March 3rd suffered the wrath of officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS, also known as the presidential guard) and the Liberia National Police. Reports have it that Savice and some of his strong supporters, including former Montserrado Electoral District #9 Representative candidate, Fubbi Henries and former Ulimo J. general, Pasty Joshua Milton Blahyi (formerly known by his wartime alias, ‘General Butt Naked’) were pursued from the grounds of the Capitol by some EPS…

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