Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Bella Casa Hotel Sinkor, Monrovia. Cell# 0777516641/088696999 Email: Hon. Albert Chie President Pro-Tempore House of Senate Mr. President Pro-Tempore: Please find attached the Report of the Liberian Economy Group (LEG) on the Current Statement of the Liberian Economy. We of LEG remain confident that the Action Steps indicated in the report, when taken, can lead to the solution of Liberia’s main problem, longstanding and widespread Poverty. Respectfully Yours Liberian Economy Group (LEG) Op-ed 

No educated people have not failed Liberia, voters failed Liberia!

When majority voters lack knowledge of historical and political antecedence, they turn to harm themselves by taking decision-based on fallacies such as “Educated people have failed us”. But as long as some of us remain active, we will continue to provide counters to their misconceptions that often lead them to take unpopular decision that affects everyone. In the first place, Liberia was not ripe when she put in for her independence in 1847 (even though she was being threatened by other colonial masters like Great Britain and France). Equally, the…

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