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The Liberian Farmer: Vision 2030 and the Agricultural Sector

        Solomon C. Hedd-Williams   Liberia is moving towards the dawn of an innovative future that is enshrined in a vision of progression through recovery and development by 2030. The President of Liberia Her Excellency, Madame Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf recent consultation with citizens of Bong County, signifies a start up dialogue to create a road map for broad based economic recovery which reverses the deterioration of our nation and fosters development that is sustainable. However; with the abundance of natural resources and our vast arable landmass, we…

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How Probable Is Liberia’s 2030 Vision?

      By:  Percy Harris Few months back, I was tuned into CNBC—the ubiquitous business channel noted for its critical analysis of events impacting economies around the world— and the billionaire financier Warren Buffet was on talking about the strength of the U.S. economy, and the likely precipice ahead (i.e. the fiscal cliff) if Washington did not take immediate action(s). Interestingly, the conversation veered towards education and the future of America. In that segment, something very peculiar was noticed. As Mr. Buffet spoke about the future of his country,…

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