Plato, in his groundbreaking and immortal postulation of the Republic, once asked a fundamental question which today’s African voter must pay critical attention to, if we are to avoid this present scourge of Africa being misled by foreign-anointed and controlled puppet leaders. The question still stands today as it did 3000 years ago: given the analogy that a nation is a ship sailing on high tempestuous sea’s, who would we, the citizens or passengers aboard that ship want as our captain? Would we pick any man aboard the ship on the basis of his stardom or popularity as an entertainer or some other trade unrelated to sailing; or would we search for a man who is trained and skilled in the art of navigation on the high seas? Logically, we would definitely chose and pick the man knowledgeable and capable of executing the task of ship captain! Why, because we instinctively know that our hopes of arriving at our destiny in one peace depends on the caliber of the man in whom we have entrusted our fate! Editor's Desk 

Africa needs its enlightened young people to lead

EDITORIAL—- We need an emerging Africa that caters to its people needs, thus  one that bring changes across the board on the land.  In an era when the African Union and many African countries and its leaders are amassing personal state power, not as a means to develop the continent but to amass personal wealth, from the public purse, this phenomenon has left Africans poorer. Studies say young Africans make up the bulk of the population in their various countries and yet, are hardly if ever represented in the leadership…

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