The African Union and regional bodies like ECOWAS seem to be Africa's problems on this continent, because not until African countries begin to go up in flames do they start to intervene. These are early warning signs of conflicts, and something genuine needs to be done. The Ecowas and the AU will sit and keep an arms-length against these deteriorating situations in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Gambia and many of the regional countries. In Togo, the President there is also seeking to change the constitution to extend his term, yet African leaders are quiet. Where is the leadership and voice of our continental powers: Nigeria, South Africa, and Ethiopia? Editor's Desk 

The Constitutional Coup In Guinea, Ecowas & AU must say NO to Alpha Conde!

——-E D I T O R I A L The Liberian Listener notes, that as Africa seeks answers to the many issues this continent faces, the least that the African people should be worried about is term extensions by African leaders. In Guinea, this is exactly what is playing out in the West African country, because President Alpha Conde is determined to extend a third term, in violation of the country’s Constitution, yet Ecowas and the African Union are quiet. These days the AU that is controlled by African Presidents…

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