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Travelogue: I’ve been on the road for almost 50 years now. I have a lot to learn yet. 

  By Dag Walker   It’s easy to rush around the world looking at important sites only later to find one has missed the life of locals who make the world human. I travel so I can experience the greatness of places, to see architectural wonders, historic events, artefacts unique and brilliant. Sometimes, though, I just cross the street to talk to locals about their neighborhood. Nothing much comes from casual conversations on the street most of the time; but sometimes– not today but sometimes– I am enlightened in a…

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Stewart Travelogue: The disconnect between the people and their leaders is all too obvious

By: John Stewart I Just returned from a grueling 5-day trip to the heavily forested Gainwolala District, Gbarpolu County where no roads exist and where even telephone contact is extremely difficult. I visited the towns of Kpayeakwelle, home town of Senator Daniel Naateng, Glaingasiasue which lost 18 persons to the deadly Ebola disease and the District headquarters of Palahkwelle. A full account follows below but suffice it to say that the people in this district are isolated, have suffered and are still suffering from official neglect. The disconnect between the…

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