We may not be physically present in Tanzania, but we are watching. Wed cannot remain mute when Tanzania is bleeding and crying out for our solidarity. As many voices continue to be silenced, we know that there are bold and courageous sisters and brothers who are not relenting in this struggle. We stand by them, and we stand by the spirit of pan-Africanism. Public Policy 

A pan-African stand must be taken against political oppression in Tanzania

    It is 59 years since Tanzania, a country that pioneered pan-Africanism, liberated herself from colonialism and struck her own path in defining freedom and independence. When the history of pan-Africanism is written, Tanzania is among the countries that are celebrated as a touchstone of liberation. As a result, many Africans, Americans and the Caribbean’s nationalist and freedom fighters made political pilgrimage and permanently settled in Tanzania. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, among other great founders, is celebrated for leading and championing the liberation of the Africa continent, leaving a legacy…

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President Magufuli Forces Tanzanian Officials to Sign Public Integrity Pledge

VOA—Tanzanian President John Magufuli has forced new government officials to publicly sign a pledge of integrity before entering office, U.S. broadcaster Voice of America (VOA) reported. Since his election in October, Magufuli has undertaken various initiatives aimed at rooting out corruption and reducing bureaucracy within government. The president fired dozens of port officials in December after more than 2,400 containers were found to have disappeared without taxes being paid on them. Magufuli also ordered the arrest of the head of Tanzania’s Revenue Authority in connection with corruption and has banned…

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President Magufuli: The bulldozer in charge of Tanzania

Tanzania’s new leader has been making radical changes in his country, cutting wastes in government and deploying the scarce resources to good public uses. Government officials travelling abroad have been banned from buying first or business class tickets. Delegates to foreign conferences also slashed. We find his inspiring story in Lusaka Times and we hope you will find it inspiring as well… Newly elected Tanzanian President John Magufuli has scrapped independence day celebrations to spend the money on a clean-up campaign, an official statement said.The president has instead decreed that…

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