The Republic continues to footslog in this nightmarish state of shackles and shams. Unless enlightened men and women of courage and conscience stand up in one accord to punctuate these prevailing horrors which are grimly impeding Liberia’s progress, posterity will forever render our generation “inordinatum” (purposeless). In order to avert this injurious legacy, philosophical minds must now begin to boldly detect and detest the debris of jesters and juggernauts whose overriding yearning is to unlawfully annex the sacred corridors of history. In this conscious vanguard, erudite militants, ideologues and cadres who are fortified to gate-keep must respond to reclaim this sacred bequest by castrating misfits and lame zealots. Op-ed 

Fumigating The Debris From An Imbecilic Analogy Against SUP – A Brief Retort

Fumigating The Debris From An Imbecilic Analogy Against SUP – A Brief Retort To A ‘Dum-Dum’ in NPA Managing Director Bill Tweahway Alias Gbekugbeh Jr. – Part 1 The Editor As our nation woefully endures another shattering epoch in human history, there must never be a moment where the venom of nonentities and petit rascals should coerce voices of moral consciousness to bow in cowardice and censorship. These are troubling and tragic times confronting Liberia under an extravagant and ill-ideological footballer – a time where mediocrity and tomfoolery have become…

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He added: “I, Zoely Zoe or Tarplah Z. Davies, will never ever sit down in this America when Henry Costa and his likes who are thinking about covertly overthrowing the Government of Liberia and thinking about looting the resources of our country. When they carry out their wicked plan, I will not sit in this America and witness my country in chaos. I will defend my properties, I will defend my government and people, I will defend my family and do everything possible to ensure that those people who have their devilish intention of trying to subvert the Constitution, their plans are reverted and the Constitution will take over. Politics 

University Students Chase Weah’s nominee for minister out of campus grounds

Mr. Davis is on record for saying he would “kill” any protestor that attempts looting his property during the pending ‘Weah Step Down Protest’ ___________   Monrovia – Members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) at the state-run University of Liberia jeered and chased the newly appointed Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Tarplah Z. Davis, who threatened to “kill” would-be protestors of the ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ and critics of Pres. Weah, from the main campus of the University of Liberia. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Minister of Defense…

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The party is calling on UL administration to ensure the immediate issuance of ID Cards to all students before the resumption of normal academic activities. Additionally, the ban on student political activities must be immediately lifted while urgency be given to the holding of ULSU general elections in this coming semester. As the 2019/2020 Draft National Budget is under legislative scrutiny, SUP is calling on the National Legislature to substantively increase the budget of UL and all public tertiary institutions in the country. Op-ed 

Student Unification Party expel militants for indiscipline

  Press Release   In a release, the Student Unification Party, has expeled few pf its partisans for gross indiscipline and breach of party constitution – describes the so-called expulsion of Chairman Carlos Tingban Edison as “a Blatant Lie and a Cheap Gossip only good enough for Monrovia City Corporation  Trashcan” Issued in monrovia, the militant student organization called on: sons and daughters of shantytowns, ghettos and hamlets, civil society actors, marketers, motorcyclists, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, rock crushers, car loaders, shoeshine boys, casual laborers, conscious students, public school teachers,…

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