14. A disillusioned "popular" president was afraid to go and receive a petition from his own people who overwhelmingly elected him. Something may have gone wrong after 18 months. The Real Fact: The economy is bad while corruption and dictatorship remain prevalent. This was never THE CHANGE Mr. Weah promised. So, we The People, didn’t miss out on any opportunity. Do not be Op-ed 

Gains vs. Losses On The June 7th Protest

  Gains vs. Losses: The real petition came from THE PEOPLE – What did we achieve?   In my opinion, we didn’t lose or miss out on any opportunity. The PEOPLE were heard so loudly through slogans, songs, battle-cries, leaflets, banners, posters and random interviews. What more does any honest or serious government need to hear or receive in order to act? Paper petition from COP which you have already tagged ‘unrealistic’ and ‘trashy’? The REAL PETITION came directly from our PEOPLE. They were pragmatic, bold and fearless on June…

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The Party is very concerned about thousands of students who are yet to complete their registration process because the new registration system (Mwetana) has some limitations and faults. The students cannot be blamed for this mishap. We call on the administration to fast-track the registration of all students and immediately refund the money paid by over 2,500 students before President Weah could pronounce his “tuition-free education” policy. When will UL refund those students as promised since last semester? SUP is also calling on UL administration to immediately issue Student ID CARDS this semester. Op-ed 

Liberia: SUP Wants 50,000 Youths for June 7th Protest

  Press Statement A release from the Student Unification Party [SUP] says it overwhelmingly endorses June 7 Protest; reaffirms the suspension of its Secretary General Ephraim Nyumah for time indefinite and strongly warns Co-chair Mohammed Deybo and Co-chair Charles Songhai of gross indiscipline. With strength of mind and unyielding resilience in pursuit of social justice, academic freedom and peace, we bring you philosophical greetings from the bastion of intelligentsia and hope. As you are aware in March of this year, SUP officially launched “The Weah Step-Down Campaign” providing 60 genuine…

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