In 1969, Biko founded SOSA, South African Student’s Organization, and in 1971, at only 25, the manifesto of Black Consciousness ideology of SOSA was adopted. SOSA became a voice in South African campuses, imposing Biko’s ideas under the pseudonym Frank Talk and standing in the forefront of the battle against apartheid. In 1973, Steve Biko was bullied, charged with terrorism and placed under house arrest with his house shut down. These happened after BCM was declared dangerous by the colonial authorities, however, he found a way to communicate with the outside world. In spite of his ordeal, he raised funds to build health centers, nurseries, aided political prisoners as well as financed scholarships. Op-ed 

Bantu Biko a heroic Pan-African figure against apartheid and colonialism

    The most potent weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed   Bantu Steve Biko is a heroic figure in the fight against apartheid and colonial occupation, and would always be remembered for his intelligence, charisma, his philosophy, and a life cut short in the struggle against apartheid. He was born in 1946 in the segregated South Africa, where the Dutch and later on, English racist and genocidal systems prevailed. He was raised in the Xhosa tradition and Anglican Christian values. He lost…

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