Kagame’s third term: Better the devil we know?

W O R L D: africa In Rwanda, enigmatic President Paul Kagame is carefully laying the groundwork for a third term in office. Now that lawmakers have voted to change the constitution in his favour, only a national referendum stands in his way – and if we know one thing about Kagame, it’s that he doesn’t lose popular votes. SIMON ALLISON looks at what this means for Rwanda, and why it’s more complicated than it looks. Paul Kagame is playing it coy. The Rwandan president will neither confirm nor deny…

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Africa Rising?

By Simon Allison For thousands of years, African architecture was on top of the world — literally. Up until the early 14th century, if you stood on top of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, at its original 481 feet, you were standing on the tallest man-made structure in existence. It was a record held by the pyramid for nearly four millennia, before it was beat out by the spires on the Lincoln Cathedral in England, completed in 1311. Since those ancient glory days, however, architectural superlatives have largely passed the…

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