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Open Letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader

LETTER SENT TO U.S. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER ON REDUCING LAWMAKERS SALARIES IN LIBERIA   Dear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Many thanks for your service to the American people and for your devoted interests in serving humanity as a US lawmaker. Through your involvement and concerns for global issues and matters, it is my strongest belief that the efforts applied by you and others have helped to continuously shape our world for the better. However, I urge you to consider parts of the world where the United States administration and…

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The Time Has Come To Vote Out Failed Senators

By: Jacob T. Newton Our beloved nation – Liberia, the onetime beacon of hope on the African continent is at a critical junction in its national history. The fourteen- year bloody upheaval has since ended but the nation is currently experimenting democracy at all levels across the country but perennial problem of corruption is impeding development and growth in the country. People who are covetous for money and have brittle allegiance to the State considered the Senate not as a place to render due service to their various counties and…

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