This year’s 2020 midterm looks promising for us because we are sure we will win the seat.” The aspirant said he frowned on the exorbitant paychecks of Liberian legislators, especially with a population fewer than 5million inhabitants, adding “it beats my imagination to discover that lawmakers are earning so much money in the country when, we do not have the economic muscles to shoulder the cost, and when poverty is so widespread. This is why I am willing to settle for a pay cut of $3,000 as a Senator for Grand Bassa County. That would be 4000 dollars less than what current lawmakers are taking home. After harmonizing their salaries, the Liberian senator makes about 8000 united states dollars. My quest to be a Senator is not to enrich myself. What is counted is my service to my country.” News 

Grand Bassa 2020 Senatorial Candidate Wants Development for and Country

Grand Bassa County Senatorial candidate, Dr. Emmanuel Daykeay, is cautioning the Liberian government to implement the code of conduct vigorously during the upcoming Senatorial 2020 midterm election. The aspirant said, government officials occupying executive positions have thirty days to resign their respective positions before being allowed to contest for electoral offices in the country. Daykeay said he has notified the International Community to keep their watchful eyes on the provisions that violate electoral laws in the Country. “especially so, in respect of the rule of law and more so for…

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Liberia: Unity Party Rejects Sirleaf

By P. Oxford Brown MONROVIA—As the special Senatorial elections draws nearer, the political line has been drawn in the sand between the son of president Sirleaf, Robert Sirleaf and Liberia’s ruling Unity Party. In a called press conference recently, at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, The secretary General of the party, Wilmot Paye described Robert Sirleaf as “a creeping monster and a virus” who needed to be stopped now. Mr. Paye said, Robert Sirleaf has shown an anti-Unity Party posture, as was evident in his recent pronouncements, and as…

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