abraham dillion Op-ed 

Abraham Dillion Understanding of Liberian History Is Shallowed!

Hassan Bility & Andrew Jaye To think that social eruption can be manufactured for political capital is the very height of ignorance to demonstrate. The social eruption of April 14, 1979, has been propagandized by the right-wing and the remnants of the True Wing party to terrify our people, a dangerous game into which Abraham Darius dillion is playing. Hence Mathews and others could not have called the people on the streets if their objective conditions (poverty, exclusion, hunger, and so forth) were not visible and practical. But it is…

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Whilst the Liberian Senate is supposedly an honorable body that comprises individuals whom the people of Liberia have selected to advance, protect, support and voice their causes and concerns, it is the expectation that adherence to the rules of the Senate will remain paramount mainly, as discussions being conducted are meant to address the security concerns and conditions of the Liberian people and the state. The bending of the rules by party apologists in the Senate to protect the failing interests of the regime rather than upholding the cause of the Liberian people, is a blatant abuse of power and must be categorically denounced. This is an outrage! Nevertheless, such action by individual leaders of the Senate must not catalyze violence as portrayed by the senators named supra; as you cannot oppose violence in one breath; and condone or display same in another. This is unacceptable! Public Policy 

NDC-USA calls on the Senators to apologize to the Liberian people

  PRESS RELEASE   August 23, 2019, Minnesota — The National Democratic Coalition-USA Chapter’s attention is drawn to the action taken by Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence of Grand Bassa County, and the statement made by Senator Daniel Nahnten of Gbarpolu County, during the recess of a senate hearing and a subsequent press interaction at the Liberian Senate on Thursday, August 22, 2019. While the NDC-USA Chapter is in full cognizance of the prevailing security situation, and aware of the recent violence perpetrated against peaceful citizens by elements of this regime, in…

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During the Presentation of the Joint Security, Deputy Minister of Justice Nyantee Tuan argues that the police are there to protect everyone, saying the NEC should had incorporated security at every stage of the by-elections and the results, noting that during the results, NEC gave the police a very short notice but they were still there. The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Col. Patrick Sudue explains the District#13 violence is still under investigation, adding that the parties involved were issued letters to appear for a conference. Public Policy 

CDC Senator Saah Joseph calls off hearing on increasing wave of violence in Liberia

    The security of the Liberian people is being seriously politicized and compromised as attempts Thursday, 22 August by some members of the Liberian Senate to query heads of state security institutions, including the Police were thwarted by senators from President George Weah’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. The Chambers of the Liberian Senate nearly erupted into violence when ruling CDC Senator Henry Yallah (Bong County) made a motion to send a presentation made by the Joint Security that was meant for questioning to the Committee on Judiciary, instead.…

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