31 July was supposed to be a day of civilian-led protest against corruption and violations of the Constitution and human rights law. Peaceful protest is a legitimate part of democratic action. Voting is how you hold a government to account at the ballot, at election time, but democracy doesn’t happen every five years. Protesting is one of the ways you hold them to account as citizens in the interim period. Op-ed 

Time For SADC To Break With Zimbabwe

By Jamie Mighti It is time to stop turning a blind eye to what is going on in Zimbabwe, where the government has shown over and over that it is violent and willing to do anything to stay in power, writes Jamie Mighti. Am I my brother’s keeper? This moral question is one that often confronts most people at some point in their lives. Young black professionals have to confront it in the form of black tax. We all have to consider it in some form when we encounter beggars on…

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