“I’m just running around on the field,” he said. “They have to trust me, I’m a player on the team. They have to trust me. I’m a striker for them. “Sometimes it makes me angry because since I came to the U.S. I see that every time — two or three times — I try and make a run, it’s difficult. So sometimes you have to be fast. When you see me going, you’ve got to give the ball, you’ve got to trust me. They brought me here and if I come here, they have to trust me. Sports 

Liberian Striker Wants Ball At Real Salt Lake

Even when training it’s difficult for me to get the ball from them,” the Liberian striker said.   Real Salt Lake forward Sam Johnson, after a goalscoring performance on Saturday in the club’s 2-1 loss to the Portland Timbers, described his unhappiness with the state of the club. “I’m not really feeling happy,” he told a TV reporter following the conclusion of the match, according to RSL Communications. “I have to express myself now. I’m just doing a run around for the guys. Even when training it’s difficult for me…

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