I see President Weah as being passive/negative. When he faces criticism he, too, becomes critical and negative. He does not respond as if he is in charge; he allows his subordinates around him to lead when he’s the leader; he doesn’t act on issues going on around him even if the sky may be falling; and he seems to have a tough time deciding on big issues so those around him with more active personalities take the lead. Op-ed 

George and Clar Weah are getting rich on the back of Liberia

    The Editor,   Why are some Liberians feeling so let down by President George Weah now? I have watched folks express so much anger at the President in the last week. Some have insulted him and others are even making threats. There’s a saying that one should not get mad at someone for being who they have always been. Instead, be upset with yourself for not coming to terms with it sooner. He has been showing his true colors and he is who he is, yet the majority…

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