Interestingly, the 2017 elections have come and gone and many are clinging on to the CDC victory as if it’s the triumph of their lives. Some of these very ones, like myself have always considered George Oppong Weah, grossly incompetent and unfit for the office of the President of the Republic of Liberia. But some of these people are somersaulting suddenly and are singing praises to Weah. You will not believe who they’re scapegoats, THE PROGRESSIVES! Op-ed 

A Call For A National Progressive Pan African Revolutionary Vanguard Party

By Alaric Tokpa   Advancing the Ideology and Philosophy of Massescracy: A Call for a National Revolutionary Vanguard Party; May History Not Despise Our Generation. I want to begin by recalling that last night, I received a call from Chairman Momo Peters who instructed me to come to Veterans Homecoming Day and deliver the keynote address. I hesitated for a moment and later accepted because it was a legitimate Party mandate. I then reflected that when we unbanned the student movement and returned from Belle Yella jail in late 1985,…

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