Even in their desperation for a bit of good news as they have drowned in a cesspool of bad narratives created by themselves, must they manufacture such a BLACK LIE about Weah's and his disreputable presidency? A president that is doing well by his people doesn't need public relations, his people will invariably be his PROs. They will echo his good news wide and loud. Can you guys stop this Hilarious Nonsense for a moment! Public Policy 

 Liberia’s Wasteful Spending: A Whooping US$900,000.00 For President Weah’s County Tour?

By Socrates Smythe Saywon Monrovia – An investigation conducted by Smart News Liberia and the Liberian Listener reveal that President George Weah’s first leg of county tour received a budget of US$900,000.00 with an unspecified amount of Liberian dollars, with hardship and critically needed funds lacking for hospitals, schools, and key infrastructure in the country. The amount, the source said, was disbursed through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, where one of the President’s confidants, Samuel D. Tweah is the minister. The funds were made available without proper scrutiny…

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“It cost millions of United States dollars to finance a Presidential political campaign. That he never failed when he was in the opposition. At that time, he was not a criminal but now that he has become President and investing his own money right here at home, they have a lot of unfounded things to say. But that is their business. The President remains focused on kicking this coronavirus out of our country and improving the economy for the better life of each of our fellow citizens,” he said. Culled www.liberianobserver.com/David Menjor Public Policy 

Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks because of hate, says Nagbe

    Information Minister Eugene Nagbe has defended the action of President George Weah to demolish and reconstruct his 9th street home, which is now been upgraded to presidential mansion status. In a rather tough reply to the President’s critics about his 9th Street’s property in Monrovia, Minister Nagbe said the Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks all because they hate him. “He gained that property in 1993. In fact, someone else came and claimed that land, causing the President now to spend another US$75,000 to reclaim it. The…

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