The military officer who replaced Pres. Tolbert, Sergeant Samuel K. Doe, would have been the last man MOJA would have ever thought of as a Presidential material to rule Liberia, for all the reasons that everybody already knows. I once met Pres. Tolbert, as part of a delegation comprising of Dr. Tipoteh, Dr. Sawyer, and Dr. Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman, I was privileged to attend a meeting with President Tolbert in his office in 1978. He had invited us after being told that we, SUSUKUU, were training guerrilla forces in the Putu Forest of Grand Gedeh County to overthrow the government. Instead, we had an agricultural project in Putu. Many years later, everybody now admits that Dr. Tolbert was one the best Presidents of Liberia. But what they do not add is the fact that President Tolbert was also one of the most educated, if not the most educated, President, of Liberia. And the example of Tolbert convincingly proves that to be a successful President of Liberia, one does certainly require a higher and formal education. Higher education gives a leader higher vision for his country and leadership. Tributes 


  By  Emmanuel Saingbe   William Richard Tolbert was born on May 13, 1913 and brutally assassinated on April 12, 1980 by elements of the Armed Forces of Liberia, AFL, during a successful Coup d’etat. But from all indications, Tolbert was a successful man, except that his successful story did not end successfully; rather, it ended tragically due to the convergence of factors some of which were not actually beyond his control, only that he was not a decisive leader. In 1971 when President Tubman died in a London Clinic,…

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