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President Bio is concerned about creating a new country. Corruption––whether organized or petit––and scandals, small or large, are no more as government officials in his administration have all realized that a new dawn has come and spread in Sierra Leone. President Bio has and continues to reach out for wisdom and the best advice from all Sierra Leoneans in-country and abroad, including from the opposition as well as from people who once criticized him. News Op-ed 

President Bio Takes Sierra Leone to the Next Level.

The Editor, Good Leadership is about humility, self-consciousness, character, openness, and vision.  It is about focus and the desire to cherish new ideas and count on individuals who can contribute to one’s vision and priorities. Sierra Leone’s new president retired general Julius Maada Bio gets it.  Since taking office, President Bio has won the hearts and minds of Sierra Leoneans.  He has forged connection and made national unity and honest reconciliation a bedrock.  He has relied on the talent, professionalism, and experiences of Sierra Leoneans with meaningful contributions to make…

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