The UN Envoy expressed commitment to working with the Liberian Government in achieving the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. However, he noted that UN adheres strictly to its fiduciary standards to safeguard UN funds against misuse and integrity risks. Op-ed 

Liberia: Withdrawal Bombshell Or Soft Landing

    By, Francis Nyepon   President George Manneh Weah could experience a humiliating, embarrassing and crushing defeat in 2023 due to his epic disappointment as President of Liberia.  Since becoming President almost two years ago, George Weah has dashed the hopes and aspirations of millions of Liberia’s majority youthful population. Under his Presidency, Liberia has overwhelmingly become toxic, besieged by corruption, mismanagement, hyper-partisanship and brazen inability of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Government to formulate and implement viable market liberalization policies to propel growth, boost employment and fuel transformation. Consequently, Liberians should be prepared to give…

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Fighting Global Poverty: Liberia A Case Study

By Semantics King, Jr. MINNEAPOLIS,  Many Liberians joined the rest of the world in observing Christmas last month and New Year this month. Arguably, many ate their staple food, rice and a very decent meal for the very first time in a long time while some never got a chance to do so during those festivities. One of the major reasons for the disparity is that many Liberians can’t afford a decent meal as they are extremely poor. It’s critical to discuss this disparity for two reasons: One) the Liberian…

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