In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

Laila Fofana: The Florence Nightingale of Liberia’s COVID- 19 Lockdown

  The Editor,   The delicate frame and gentle disposition of Madam Lalia Fofana must not be taken for granted. She is lively a strong-headed woman in what may appear as a down-to-earth character, a glimmer of hope, and a breath of fresh air during this pandemic. Having followed Madam Laila Fofana’s illuminating but torrid life journey from a very pastoral family to a benevolent philanthropist, I REMEMBER, I feel justified by my enthusiasm for accepting from the records, the privilege, and challenge of bringing it to the attention of…

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